Learnings and Progress

A short note about progress on the deck...

This Tarot deck is a living, breathing thing. It evolves as I evolve, and I put my heart and soul into each piece I create. Not only is it my duty as an artist, but the further into the deck I get, the more personal and intimate the project becomes.

Therefore, as I continue to research and learn more about the Tarot itself, I'll slowly be updating older cards with better and more accurate artwork so that they can still be used for divination purposes (an extremely important goal of the deck) and look better at the same time. As a result, I'll be updating some of the older artwork to bring everything in line with the same sense of style, giving the deck a more consistent feel and better continuity. Its is important to me that each suit, and the message from each and every card, make sense together as a series, rather than simply look beautiful and stand by itself. After all, each card relies on one another to send a message, no card is an island.

All that said, I could work for years and years on a single card, tweaking it until it is perfect and adding more and more symbolism until it is packed to the gills. In the interest of turning out a product in a timely manner for those of you following along, its important that the deck itself continues to move forward with new pieces. An update (if necessary) can take place in a future iteration of the deck down the road that builds on what this first, major step accomplishes.

As a result, you may see cards appear and disappear from the "Card Art" section as they removed to be redone, or updated with a more consistent look. I can assure you that progress is moving forward, just at the pace of reflection and quality.