Research and Namaste

As I continually make progress on the Darkness of Light series, I'm reminded of why I began working on the project in the first place, which is to learn something new about life while challenging myself to create better artwork.

The learning process certainly hasn't stopped, and I continue to make inroads in research and practice regarding the Tarot and its history and meaning. I've even tried my hand at readings while learning the meanings of the cards.

Today, I decided to dedicate a post to research and learning. I spent this past week in New York City visiting with friends and being inspired by all the wonderful art and culture. One of the places I visited, Namaste Bookshop in Union Square, came recommended by a friend. I found the store to be a wealth of information and resources, and actually ended up purchasing two Tarot decks of completely different themes and styles (The Hermetic Tarot, and the Art Nouveau Tarot).

That wasn't all, however. I was also able to make my way to the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art for some great reference shots of medieval armor and figures using it.

Now and then its important to reflect on what inspires us to create in the first place. Today, its the curiosity to learn about something new and then express myself through that lense.