Swords Tarot Roundup!

So far, twelve Swords cards have been created, with only two more to go before the suit is complete.
Tonight marks an important night: many of the cards were reframed and rebalanced, with coloring and lighting honed to make each piece dutifully tell its story.

While much of the balancing has already been completed, there will still be a couple more passes on the suit to clean up loose ends on artwork and bring polish to each individual piece with a fluid level of consistency.

From a usability perspective, it is extremely important that each piece be instantly recognizable and laden with symbols and story while still making sense within a larger context. As a result, many of the edits tend to move away from creating a striking individual image and lean towards a usable series overall. This means focusing on a central composition, consistent color scheme, strong contrast to draw our eye to the most important areas of the illustration, and consistent objects contained within the compositions. In this case, a consistent looking sword.