The Star

A little bit about The Darkness of Light Tarot's The Star:

Some of the symbolism of the RWC version, including the 8 pointed star (17th in the Major series, so 1+7 = 8 points on the main star) has been retained.

In addition, the naked woman pouring water into the lake has also been retained, but while RWC depicted the same woman pouring the water back onto the land into 5 streams (symbolizing earth, air, fire, water, and spirit), I chose to embody those ideas within the artwork itself: air for the sky and its stars, earth for the beach, water for the lake, fire for the large star in the middle, and spirit for the human. Vague heavenly bodies were added to the left and right of the main star to foretell the Moon and Sun, which have still yet to come in the Fool's Journey, but nonetheless are eternally connected to the Star.

One of the woman's legs is touching the ground representing her practical abilities and good common sense, while the other leg is in the air, representing spirituality and things beyond our tangible world. The woman is in perfect balance while she pours the water, demonstrating that both connections are possible and important. This is a small change from RWC, which depicts the woman's second foot in the water to demonstrate intuition and inner resources.

Finally, Aquarius is the astrological sign of The Star, hence the connection with water (as the entire Tarot has water as a repeating theme within the artwork).